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Customer Testimonials

Hewlett Packard

“Here at HP, we have extensive access to a large number of great suppliers along with many new vendors knocking on the door everyday. Even with all those great choices, I still find myself turning to Source 1 again and again, to help get my projects completed on time and on budget. They’re fast, responsive, reliable, and knowledgeable. Source 1 makes things easier for me, and I find the projects I work on with Source 1 are always less stressful. I really appreciate their value as a key supplier.”
Dawn | Purchasing Manager

Trademark Printing
“The Major League Baseball Umpires Manuals have been a huge hit with all the umpires, Club General Managers and Major League Baseball Officers. They are very pleased with the durability of the binders and we have to thank you for recommending the 55 gauge poly. Also the printing on the binders is beautiful. Over all a job well done! Thanks again for the excellent work.”
Warren | Purchasing

“We trust Source 1 with our big product updates. We’re usually on a tight deadline and need a quick turn. We had a real big release during the holidays and our IT department ran behind on getting us the master CD. Source 1 still turned around our biggest CD job to-date and we were able to meet our launch date. We know we can count on them to deliver.  I work with Source 1 because they have everything I need in one place. If I have the resources and time, and want to manage more of a project myself, they’ll help with the items that we do not manage ourselves. But when I don’t have time, I let them do everything (printing, packaging, dupe, assembly and shipping) so I can take care of the rest of the product release. I really value them because they can do whatever I need when I need it.”
Diem | Purchasing

TopLine Leadership
“We conduct training seminars nationally and need to tailor our materials for those specific markets. We used to work with another printer to produce our training materials (manuals), but there was constant turnover, and there were problems on just about every job. When there were problems, there was no accountability to help resolve those issues. It just took too much time for us to manage them, and they were no longer dependable.  We looked for a new supplier and have been using Source 1 ever since. They remember who we are when we call and they are always responsive. When we need to revise our files, they are very accommodating and we know they’ll make the changes and ship the right product directly to our seminars. We never have to QC their work, and we can trust Source 1 to get our job done right the first time. We wouldn’t use anyone else.”
Kevin Davis | President